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Bio Liquors are enriched with Bio Alkaloids without using synthetic flavours and colours, while giving the same intoxication levels as any other IMFL brands. The products that are described on this site are an outcome of his research.


Vision & Mission


Our Vision is to enrich the taste and health of liquor-consumers, without compromising one aspect for the sake of another.


Exactly 1 hour to find a way out and get out of the quest of the room , thinking all the fun and interesting puzzles on your heroic journey. For us, to be the best means to provide outstanding quality to give every customer with our best brands .


We employed professionals, Executives, Skilled labour and a staff who are highly proficient and qualified. Most of the pure herbs in our herbs list are wild crafted from all over India, while few are cultivated by own using advance techniques of farming. At Natural Spirits we have specialized Bio Extraction process.


With a view to obtain the market feedback, the company has conducted Market Research in major cities in various parts of the abroad.

The positive attributes of Bio Liquors are intended to minimize the adverse / ill effects that are generally associated with liquors manufactured using molasses based spirits and synthetic flavours & colours. The natural spirits derived from Rice, Maize, and Jowar and enriched with Bio Alkaloids in Bio Liquors have the same level of intoxication in terms of the alcoholic percentage as in the case of other IMFL brands available in the market.

All our products are derived through rigorous research and produced in state-of-the art facilities. They represent our commitment to continuous investment in the best people, practices and technology. We do not support "Borrowed Science" or the practice of using published literature to substantiate efficacy claims.